Christmas Deoration Photos, photography, Pictures and Images

Funky Stock Christmas decorations stock photosIf you are looking for photos to decorate your Chritmas project, this collection of Christmas decorations shows photos and photography of Christmas baubles, pictures of wooden Santas and images of snowman decorations.

Want to decorate your web site or magazine pages then look no further.

Christmas Market Photos, photography, pictures and images

Funky Stock Christmas Markets stock photosOur collection of Christmas Market photos shows photography from European Christmas Markets.

See photos of the Christmas market in Prague, photography of Saltburg Christmas market, pictures of Nurnburg Christmas Markets and images of Lille Christmas Market.

Get the Christmas atmosphere in this collection of photos.

Swiss Alps Photos in Winter

Funky Stock Winter Alps stock photosOne place that shows the beauty of winter snow is Switzerland and the Swiss Alps. These Swiss Alps photos collection have photography and pictures of the high mountains of the Alps. The highest railway station is the Jungfraujoch at 3471 mts. With photos of the fenicular railway railway train that takes visitors through a tunnel inside the North Face of The Eiger up to the Jungfrau summit and The Top Of Europe, you will see why the Swiss Alps are so popular.

At the foot of The North face of the Eiger lies the ski resort of Grindelwald. Our Alps photo collection covers the high snow fields surrounding the valley.

Christmas Food Photos, photography, pictures and images

Our Christmas food collection photos has photography of traditional festive food. With Christmas photos of classic roast Turkey dinner, photography of mince pies and pictures of Christmas biscuits, this collection of photos will get you in the Christmas mood.

New Collection of Sicily Photos

Funky Stock Sicily stock photosWe have just finished adding new photos to our Sicily photography collection. The photos of Sicily show all the many civilizations that have inhabited the Mediterranean Island.

The Greeks had very big settlements in Sicily and our photos show images of the vast Acropolis at Selanute and Agrigento. We also have images of the largest collection of Roman mosaics at Villa Romana. Our photos show fantastically well preserved hunting scenes and every day activities of the wealthy Romans.

Devastated by a massive earthquake in the late 1600s, Sicilians rebuilt whole towns in the Baroque style of the day. We have photos of Notto and its decorative balconies and pictures of Siracusa and Ragusa with their spectacular Baroque Cathedrals.

Add to this photo of the decaying grandeur of Palermo and images of the popular picturesque seaside resort of Cefalu and you will see this is a Sicilian photography collection not to be missed.

Croatia Collection Photos Updated

Funky Stock Croatia stock photosNew photos of Croatia photography have been added to our Croatia photos collection. Our Dubrovnik photos show the renovated city which has returned to its full glory.

The Croatia photography collection has images of the Croatian Islands to buy on line, with photos of Brac, Kotcula and Pag.

New Hungary Photos Collection

Funky Stock Hungary stock photosNew Hungary Stock Photos

We have just added over 2000 new Hungary photos to Funkystock. This is the start of an on going project to photograph Hungary. We traveled to nearly every major Hungarian city and took photos of 4 major Hungarian festivals.

You will find Hungary photos of the Baroque cities of Gyor and Sopron and photography of the 2010 European City, Pecs.

Our new Hungary photo collections cover Hungarian wine regions with photoraphy of Villany and Hajos. We also have photos of Hungarians at play at the Gyor Regional Food Festival and photos of The Badacsony Wine Festival. We were invited to photograph the Knighting of the Paprika Knights at Kalocsa!! The Kalacsa photos also include drying of the Paprika Chilis.

The collections photos also covers Hungary architecture from photos the Baroque Fertod Palace to photography of the Neo Classical Cathedrals of Eger and Esztergom. Add to this the images of the beautiful Keszthely Palace, images of the thermal lake at Heviz and of course Budapest photos and you can see that this photo collection is the starting place if you are looking for Hungary photos.

Indian food photos, pictures and images. - Images | Funky Stock Photography Libraries

Funky Stock Indian Stock Photos
Our collection of Indian food photos just got bigger. We still have the old favorite photos of Indian curry's but now have photos of Naan breads to go with them.
Curry's are always difficult to photograph and this stock photo collection photographs them in traditional and modern settings.

With photos from Chicken Jalfrezi to Madras we hope you will find photos to suit your project.

Our Indian food Photography is taken by award winning London and Budapest food photographer Paul E Williams.

Still Life Stock Photos - African Masks - Images | Funky Stock Photography Libraries

Funky Stock African Masks Stock Photos
This stock photo collection has still life photos of genuine African masks, made by traditional African mask makers. The photos in this photography collection capture images of the ageless beauty of African art.

All the photos in this photography collection are high resolution.