New Collection of Sicily Photos

Funky Stock Sicily stock photosWe have just finished adding new photos to our Sicily photography collection. The photos of Sicily show all the many civilizations that have inhabited the Mediterranean Island.

The Greeks had very big settlements in Sicily and our photos show images of the vast Acropolis at Selanute and Agrigento. We also have images of the largest collection of Roman mosaics at Villa Romana. Our photos show fantastically well preserved hunting scenes and every day activities of the wealthy Romans.

Devastated by a massive earthquake in the late 1600s, Sicilians rebuilt whole towns in the Baroque style of the day. We have photos of Notto and its decorative balconies and pictures of Siracusa and Ragusa with their spectacular Baroque Cathedrals.

Add to this photo of the decaying grandeur of Palermo and images of the popular picturesque seaside resort of Cefalu and you will see this is a Sicilian photography collection not to be missed.