New Collections Of Hungary Photos

Funky Stock Budapest stock photoOur new collections of photos of Hungary are now on Line. We travelled to nearly every major town and city to take photos of Hungarian architecture and photos of people at Hungarian festivals.

Hungary is a small country of 11 Million people. Hungarians have a rich tradition that they keep alive through many festivals, most based around food or wine. Our photos are from 4 festivals. The Kalocsa Paprika Festival, The Hajos Wine Festival, The Badacsony Wine Festival and The Gyor Regional Food Festival. The Hungarian love to dress up in their regional dress and show off their regional foods.

Hungary also has its own architecture which is a form of Art Nouveau. Lechner Odon was a great exponent of the style completing many public buildings. Our photos explore this style and the architectural tiles of the period made by Zolnay.

Add to this many other major tourist sites and you can see that this expanding photo collection will be the best place to start looking for your photos of Hungary.