- Pecs is the European city of Culture 2010. It is also the Home of the Zolnay factory. Although Zolnay today is best known internationaly for its china and lustre figures, it started as a brickworks fueled by the opening of the Pecs coalfields. When Art Nouveau became a popular European style in the 1800's the Architects of Vienna created their own form called the Sucession style. This caught on in Hungary and the greatest exponant of the Sucession style was a Hungarian architect called Lechner Odon. He worked with Zolnay who produced colourful ceramic tiles and Bas reliefs to decorate Odon's Sucession style buildings. This caught on in Hungary and many famous Hungarian buildings, including the Mateus Church in Budapest, have colourful Zolnay tiles on their roofs. Pec is also lucky to have avoided the ravages of the Turkish conquest and liberation wars and still has its city walls in tact. Pec also still has 2 Turkish Mosques.

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