Stock Photos Of Asparagus

Stock food photography of Happy FruiAsparagus is a seasonal delicacy of the late spring early summer depending upon the summer. The asparagus spear is the plants growing shoot and it pushes up out of the bare earth of asparagus fields. It is harvested constantly as new shoots are produced until the end of june when the shoots are allowed to grow and produce leaves to give the plant strength for the next season. England produces particularly fine asparagus from sandy fields in Lincolnshire, Suffolk and Norfolk.

The delicate taste of asparagus is brought to perfection by boiling lightly and serving with a knob of butter. It is also fantastic in risotto, or salads and makes the most delicate creamy soup. Which ever way you like to eat asparagus it is always a seasonal delight.

In the stock photos of asparagus in Funky Stock's photo collection you will find stock photos of asparagus growing, being cut and in bunches. There are also stock photos of organic asparagus.

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