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Pictures & Photos of St Mark's Basilica Venice, Italy

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Saint Mark's Basilica stands at the end of the Piazza San Marco next to the Doges Palace in Venice. The opulence of its design and ornamentation stands as a testament to the ambitions and wealth of Venetian Republic. The lower facade of Saint Mark's Basilica is made up of medieval relief sculptures and columns looted from Constantinople by Doge Enrico Dandolo, who persuaded the 4th Crusade to take the city in 1204. On a balcony above the lower floor stand the four great bronze horses that were also looted from Constantinople.

Saint Mark's Basilica is a testament to medieval politics. Its interior shows the strong trading links reliance upon Byzantium. The looted Byzantine art on the facade of St Marks show the power that the Venetian Republic reached to take and sack Constantinople, which led to the ultimate fall of the Byzantine Roman Empire in 1453 to the Turks. Saint Mark's Basilica is a beautiful mix of western and eastern art and influences that come together to form a unique Christian building.

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