Stock Photos of Hot Air Balloons Over Cappadocia - Turkey

One of the great world experiences is to get up before dawn and find a vantage point between the strangely shaped rocks of Cappadocia in central Turkey, and wait for a hundred or so hot air balloons to rise silently into the sky as the sun is rising. This would be a glorious site without the backdrop of Cappadocia, but the combination of the giant balloons against the abstract rock shapes is breathtaking. This combined with the selective color technique has created this beautiful series of photos by photographer Paul Williams.

Beautiful Art Photos of Hot Air Balloons in Cappadocia, Turkey

Art pictures, photos & images of Cappadocia ( Capadocia, Kapadokya, ) hot air balloons, Anatolia, Turkey. Selective colour pictures of Hot air balloons cruising slowly over Cappadocia amongst its spectacular rock formations. The whole of Capadocia has been covered with hundreds of meters of volcanic ash that has compressed into Tufa rock. Water has eroded into the landscape leaving valleys with steep cliffs and towers of rock known as fairy chimneys. Tufa is soft and since prehistoric times people have made cave dwellings which are linked from small doorways via internal stairs that run up inside the fairy chimneys or cliff faces. This created easy to defend rock castles that could house towns of several thousand people like that at Uchisar, where the rock houses run the full height of a towering rock face.

As the sun comes up over Goreme every morning the sky fills with huge hot air balloons. They glide gracefully into the sky above the fairy chimneys and then slowly descend into the valleys and float amongst them. The skill of the hot air balloon pilots is breathtaking as they manoeuvre between the fairy chimneys giving their passengers close up views of the strange rock formations and the rock houses they contain. Capadocia is a truly unique part of the world. Its rock formations and rock houses create an incredible place to explore which is why it is high on travellers to Turkey's list. Buy selective colour photo art prints of Cappadocia Hot air balloons on line. See our other pictures of Capadocia at: See our other pictures of Turkey at

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